The Year of the Hollywood Divorce

Divorce is never something to be taken lightly or laughed at. Being a child of divorce I know this to be very true. However, lately it seems like everyone who is anyone is filing for the big D and it got me thinking, is it the year of the Hollywood divorce?

So far couples which have fallen victim to this horrendous situation have included, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Of course honourable mention must be given to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, because even though they were not married officially they share three children between them and were as good as.

Divorce is a nasty process for even the mere mortals amongst us, but when you have yourself positioned smack bang in the public eye it can seem even worse. Talk about airing ALL of your dirty laundry! So it seems Ben cheated on Jen, with the nanny no less, Miranda didn’t want to have babies and was overbearingly jealous, apparently Gavin may have cheated too, and who knows what the problems were with Megan and Brian. BUT….that is just the point. Who knows? And the answer is none of us. If you are not one of the people in the relationship there is no way you can possibly know the reasons behind something as final as a divorce. Quite frankly speculation is an unhealthy way to satisfy our natural human instinct to be nosy. That’s why we buy all the celebrity gossip mags out there and subscribe to all the latest celebrity gossip websites. So we can know….good god just tell us so we know!!

Whether you believe it to be true or not, the Year of the Hollywood divorce claimed, what was for me, the saddest separation of all….Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have decided to go their own ways. I just can’t bare the pain, Kermit’s “Rainbow Connection” somehow seems sadder now. I’m still holding out for a reconciliation, you just never know! #foreverlove

Miss Piggy and Kermit Split

(Image courtesy of

Jessica Alba the Fashion Icon

The second in One Girl and a Cup of Coffee’s Fashion icon series, Jessica Alba, is a celebrity force to be reckoned with. Not only is she ridiculously gorgeous but she is a friend of the environment and lives a conscientious earth friendly lifestyle, recently starting her own green company, The Honest Company. A pretty face, a big heart and smarts….woah!

Jessica burst onto the scene with her roles in TV shows like Flipper and Dark Angel. The latter even earning her a Golden Globe nomination. I particularly enjoyed her in the movie Never been Kissed, a comedy starring Drew Barrymore but it was in Sin City that everybody really started to take notice of Jessica, not just as an actress but for her beauty and screen presence. Being of Latin and European decent, Jessica’s beauty was a sure thing, but the stunning actress actually claims she did not recognise her own appeal even into her 20’s, something she comically says she regrets.

I think what really endeared me to Jessica was the fact that not only is she is a spokesperson for women’s rights, something I am passionate about, but also, peculiarly, that from a young age she suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, which is something I can sympathise with. Perhaps it is what has made her the woman she is today. Mom of two daughters, successful actress AND businesswoman. I admire not just her fashion style, but her LIFEstyle.

Jessica Alba Fashion and Style 1

I like to call her style Boho Luxe. It’s a style that is relaxed but polished, featuring heavily in colour, florals and prints with added textures and layers. This is a celebrity style that is flattering for almost every woman. Jessica doesn’t just wear designer threads, instead choosing to mix and match, contemporary fashions that can be found on websites such as Revolve and ShopBop, with designer handbags or shoes. Of course her evening attire and public appearance wardrobe is haute couture and usually straight off the personal studio racks of all the best designers, but look at her….who wouldn’t want her to wear their clothes?!

I’ve put together some of my favourite Alba moments in fashion…which is your favourite?

Jessica Alba Fashion and Style 2

Just to finish off, I wanted to add a quote I found on’s article “Don’t Mess With Jess” in 2008,

“”I think there are ambitious girls who will do anything to be famous, and they think men in this business are used to women doing that. Contrary to how people may feel, I’ve never used my sexuality. That’s not part of it for me. When I’m in a meeting, I want to tell you why I’m an asset, how I’m a commodity, how I can put asses in the seats, not, ‘There’s a chance you’re going to be able to fuck me.’ That’s never been my deal.” ~ Jessica Alba

You go girl!!

Denim for all ages

I was struck by something one of my girlfriends told me recently. She was complaining to me that her husband casually mentioned one morning before brunch, that she was too old to be wearing a denim skirt…she was wearing a denim skirt at the time. That got me thinking. Obviously it was a tactless comment to make, but more importantly, is it true?….Is there an age limit for denim?

I have scoured the vast images available on the internet and have found some real corkers. I never thought there was an age limit to anything quite frankly. I mean, listen, I’m not talking the denim on denim nightmare that was Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the early 2000’s, that isn’t just about being age appropriate, that is simply NEVER appropriate…epic fail! However, denim is such a versatile ageless material and it comes in so many shapes and forms that I think it would be a shame and a fashion sin to not have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe. Granted my friend’s husband was specifically talking about denim skirts, but even then, a denim pencil skirt can be far more chic than some of the other alternatives.

I personally have loads of denim in my fashion repertoire. Casual to more dressy, from shorts to button up shirts, and thick denims as well as softer Tencel denims. It’s difficult to wear thick denim in Singapore as the heat will literally cook you alive, but one of my favourite go to outfits is a basic tank top with my destructed GAP boyfriend jeans and a pair of smokin’ heels. Throw on some awesome jewellery and I’m ready. When I’m out and about running errands during the day, there is little else more comfortable than my denim Tencel shirt, with a pair of black leggings and my white Converse.

Alisha Tencel Shirt

I selected three of my favourite images from my web browsing, of beautiful mature women, killing it wearing denim. Linda Rodin for Karen Walker Eyewear, wearing a classic denim button down…but oozing attitude and style, Jane Fonda, effortlessly rocking a denim jacket and last but not least, my personal favourite, Iris Apfel, in not just any denim, but floral beaded denim with side tassel trimming…love her!! My point is….it works. No matter what your age, it’s all about how you wear it. You can be 20 years old and have an enviable figure and beautiful face but if you don’t bring the right attitude, you will look just as clueless as someone in their 50’s who has been told they are too old to wear denim and believed it.

Linda Rodin


Jane Fonda


Iris Apfel

I say wear the denim! In whatever shape and form you desire, but for goodness sake, know that you’re amazing and that you are wearing the fashion it is not wearing you!


Big Foot is real…The pain of finding larger size shoes for ladies

It’s true, I have big feet. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I just have big feet. We are not talking size 15’s but my feet are large enough that I find it hard to buy shoes regularly. Probably a good thing because combined with my bag addiction, it would likely bankrupt me if I could buy beautiful shoes all the time.

It’s the most frustrating thing, getting all dolled up and having a real appreciation for developing ones own style, to be left stumped when it comes to your feet. I can hardly wear my Havaianas or white Converse everywhere (trust me I’ve tried). So, what is a girl to do? I hunt high and low in stores and online and it’s always the same problem, either the shoes do not go up to my size or the shop sells only the most hideous footwear in larger sizes. Listen up shoe seller/maker people, just because a girl has big feet does not mean she doesn’t want to wear beautiful shoes. Large feet does not equal no style!

I am a UK9 so it’s super frustrating for me, just one measly size outside the ‘regular’ shoe size range. Shoe sellers tend to go up to a UK8 and those that specialise in larger shoes, either don’t carry designs I want, or the size I need ends up hanging off my feet. Nothing like shoe shopping with big feet to give a girl a major complex. It’s even harder in Singapore to find shoes that fit, as most ladies here have petite pixie size feet and the retailers clearly do not see a market for larger sizes…dammit! Over time I have narrowed it down to a few a trustworthy and reliable sources for decent footwear that won’t break the bank and come in larger sizes.

A UK based high street store which ships almost everywhere in the world. They carry an extensive shoes collection which goes up to a UK9/EU43. The designs are contemporary and on trend. Whatever style shoe you need, Next has it covered. From sandals to pumps, wedding shoes, and even boots and plimsoles. There is also a section for wider cut shoes, which I think is great, because a lot of us girls are buying shoes that are bigger when what we really need is shoes that are wider. Shipping from the UK to Singapore usually takes up to a week.

Next UK Shoes

French Sole
I love a good ballet flat, and there is nowhere else I would recommend more than French Sole for high quality stylish flats. I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! The designs are timeless, the shoes are comfortable, and although they are not the cheapest you can find on the web, they last and are well worth every cent. I have at least ten pairs of their shoes, and find myself buying more every time I am back in London. They ship worldwide and offer standard or express shipping.

French Sole

This American store has a great online selection of shoes. Brands ranging from Birkenstock to Balenciaga. Unfortunately most of them only go up to the standard UK8/US11. Not to worry though because Nordstrom has a dedicated section to ‘extended sizes’. This includes larger sizes both in length and width. The options aren’t exactly what I would call plentiful but they have some good finds. I’ve got my eye on a pair Valentino Rockstud T-strap pumps in poudre, they’re divine. Nordstrom ship internationally.

Nordstrom Shoes

Always choose an online store that offers returns. Sizing is usually an issue as there doesn’t seem to be one set measurement for shoes. There should be, but there isn’t. A size 9 UK in one store is often a completely different size and cut from a size 9 UK in another store. You have been warned.

Ultimately, my feet are the only feet I have so I want to look after them, as big as they may be. That includes buying good shoes for them, so ladies if there is one thing I can advise, it’s don’t go cheap. If you really can’t find a decent pair of shoes that are affordable but also of good quality, perhaps the best option is to find a shoe maker who can custom make a few designs for you.

Best of luck to you, my search continues….let me know how you get on xx


Pretty pretty at Casetify

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of plain phone covers. I find them painfully boring. My phone is such a big part of my life that I want to dress it up just as I would myself. Phone covers are a dime a dozen on the internet. So began my search….

Enter, CASETIFY. An awesome online shop with an extensive variety of phone cover designs for all types of phones. When I say extensive I mean the choices seem endless, and they are all so incredibly beautiful…bonus! It was hard to choose just one but I narrowed it down to a stunning purple and blue toned mandala design on a frosty white classic snap cover. Casetify offers plenty of payment options and the website is super easy to navigate. I made my payment and waited with bated breath for my lovely phone case to arrive. Fast forward a fortnight and it did. Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe it. I ripped open the envelope to find a manila coloured gift box. Inside was my phone cover, so beautifully presented with a protective cover of its own. Honestly, the moment I saw it, I knew I was going to be a life long fan of Casetify. I will continue to buy from them, not just for myself but also for gifting. Their attention to detail and superior quality, from the product itself right down to the packaging, is spot on. Phone covers make great gifts, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can also try the iPad covers, and even the new apple watch strap designs they carry. All of these are customisable as well allowing you to flex those creative muscles. Prices for phone covers start at USD29.95 and range depending on phone model to  USD39.95.

Casetify phone cover

I would also like to mention the brilliant customer services at Casetify. I had made my order quite hastily and selected the wrong phone model. An honest mistake, but as we all know customer service departments usually take forever to reply or they never do. Not here my friends, Casetify was on it and replied almost immediately confirming they would amend my order. Worry alleviated. Pleasant shopping experience achieved.

My next Casetify purchase will be a customised iPad cover, using the images from my Instagram feed. How awesome is that?! I can’t wait, but for now, I am over the moon happy with my new phone cover. If you are looking for a new cover to jazz up your tech devices, why not try Casetify. Enter code KKCTHH for USD10 off your first order.

Canterbury Tales

AL Canterbury Purple Flowers

During my latest return visit to London, I made the executive decision to stay for six weeks. What an awesome decision that was. Too often I go back to London and I rush around like a tourist who has limited time to do EVERYTHING. The truth is, there is no need for that, I should just take my time, and chillax. I’m back there all the time, so that is exactly what I did this time round.

As wonderful as London is, you need some variety. So one fine morning when the sun was shining, my best friend Calvin and I decided why not take a day trip to Kent. We chose to visit the city of Canterbury, a place neither of us, despite our long history with England, have ever been to. The train ride from London Victoria to Canterbury was effortless, smooth and pleasant, and at just under two hours, relatively fast. Once you get to Canterbury it’s only a short walk into the centre where most of the attractions are. The main attraction being Canterbury Cathedral which is the HQ for the Church of England. I can tell you she did not disappoint. Glorious and regal in equal proportion, the history the Cathedral boasts is awe inspiring. The stained glass windows totally blew my mind, and more so when I overheard one of the restorers saying that the window he was working on cost more than one million pounds to restore. Yikes! If you are in Canterbury  you can’t not go to the cathedral, tickets are £10.50 for adults and £7 for children (under 18).

Canterbury Cathedral

Following the Cathedral we had lunch at a great local restaurant which specialises in British cuisine. If you want unpretentious and tasty food, I highly recommend Deeson’s on Sun Street. With a lunch time set menu at three courses for £18 and two courses for £15, you literally cannot go wrong. Amazing food, so yummy, I could have sat there all day. Nom nom nom…..any place that does dessert that looks this good, is a win win in my books (that’s chocolate sorbet FYI, yes CHOCOLATE sorbet).

Deeson's Dessert

With a belly full of good food we ventured over to the King’s Bridge to join the Canterbury historic river tour along the river Stour. So much fun for forty minutes. The stretch of river is limited but the staff make it well worth your money and entertain you with funny anecdotes and interesting historical facts. Adults ride for £9 and children (12 to 16 years) for £6.

Canterbury River Stour

I finished the day off with a pick and mix bag of candy from a sweet shop down the road…to say I was happy would be an understatement.

Canterbury Sweet Shop

It was a lovely day, the sun was out and Calvin and I had a brilliant time. I’m sure you could quite easily extend your stay to two or three days if you didn’t want to commute back into London, there is definitely enough to see and do, but I had a pub night waiting for me back in the big smoke, so I was off.  See you next time Canterbury!

London’s Biggest Summer Party

The Serpentine Gallery Summer party, in Hyde Park, is one of the hottest tickets in London town. Each year the who’s who of the celebrity and fashion worlds collide in a mass of silk, taffeta, lace and sequins. The flash bulbs blind you as the paparazzi literally go mental trying to get the best shots of all the ‘beautiful people’ in attendance. This year was no exception. The party was co-hosted by designer Christopher Kane and there was an 80’s throwback with a Spandau Ballet performance.

I like to pick through all the different outfits that the fashion pack deign to wear to such an event, and list out my favs and the worst of the night. This year the competition was fierce, for both best and worst dressed. As he was the co-host for the party, plenty of celebs arrived in Christopher Kane creations. It isn’t however just about the dress, it’s about how you wear it, and some people just got it oh so wrong.

Case in point, Alexa Chung. My vote for the worst dressed of the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alexa. I think she has carved out a unique niche just for herself in the world of celebrity fashion. BUT, this dress not only does not flatter her, but she adds nothing to it. Unlike FKA Twigs who wore the sh#t out of a similar dress at the 2015 Met Gala (and yes that’s a penis above her thigh)….it’s all about the attitude folks.

Christopher Kane Dress-off

(Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar and The Independent)

For the best dressed of the evening, it was a tie between Erin O’Connor who chose to wear an absolute stunning Erdem dress and Kate Hudson in chic Louis Vuitton.

Best Dressed Serpentine 2015

(Images courtesy of Hello Magazine and Fashion Sizzle)

On one hand you have extravagant textures and play on colour and structure, and on the other hand you have streamlined sophisticated chic with a touch of playfulness and sequins, gotta love a good sequin. Both were jaw droppingly beautiful.

There were so many best and worst dressed contenders but I’ve done my level best to narrow it down. Every publication going will offer you the bright and pretty pictures of the stars going into the party, and some of them dancing and mingling in a civilised manner inside the party, but what I really wanna get my grubby little hands on are the pictures of these beautiful people stumbling around inebriated after a night of partying. Wouldn’t be looking so glammed up then would they? Come on, we all do it…why wouldn’t the stars?

It’s befitting really, that a party originally intended for the appreciation of art has evolved into a circus of fashion, which some may argue is in its own way an appreciation of another form of art. I look forward to what the stars will wow us all with next year…but until then, the Oscars will just have to do.