The Big “C”

I’ve been absent from my blog for a few days now and for very good reason. I recently received some awful news that my Grand Aunt was dying and she didn’t have long to go. It later came to light that she in fact has cancer, and not in a small way, it is so far gone it has literally spread all over her body, to many of her vital organs. I have had two maternal Grand Aunts I was lucky enough to meet in my lifetime and the oldest of the sisters passed many years ago when I was only a child. I have to admit I don’t know this side of my family as well as I would like to, but walking into the hospital ward to visit my ailing Grand Aunt, my heart nevertheless swelled with genuine sadness and sympathy. To see this sweet little old lady sitting on her bed, so frail and yet still so welcoming, it was overwhelming. My Grand Aunt hasn’t had the easiest life and I would have hoped that when her time came she would have gotten an easier way out than cancer, but I guess, as always, you learn the hard way that life is never fair.

I also lost my Grandfather to cancer many years ago. I can truthfully say that it completely broke my heart. These past few days when I visit my Grand Aunt in hospital the memories flood back almost like river banks giving way to pure emotion. I was young when my Grandfather passed away but the loss was deep and I mourned him in my own way. I was raised  by a single mother and my Grandfather was always the male figure in my life that I looked up to. He meant the world to me and he was my hero. I watched him literally wither away in front of my eyes. The worst thing of all was that as a child I had no concept of death. I had up until then never lost a close family member and although I could see that my Grandfather was clearly very ill and I knew it was not a good prognosis, when he actually died, I was shocked.

Despite doctors and medical professionals saying that he only had two months left in him my Grandfather fought on for two years before his body finally gave in to this awful disease. I know my Grand Aunt is a strong woman so I pray she also finds the willpower to fight, and that when it is her time, she can go peacefully.

Cancer is a bitch! I can’t even begin to count on my hands the number of people I know who have lost their lives to this horrendous disease or have lost a loved one to it. To this day there is no cure and we barely have ways to keep it under control. If you or someone you love is suffering from cancer, don’t feel that you are alone. There are institutions and societies which can help, such as The American Cancer Society or The Singapore Cancer Society.

RIP Grandpa, you are gone but never forgotten ♥

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